What is a swaddling blanket and swaddling?

What is a swaddling blanket and swaddling?

baby swaddled in blanket

In Sri Lanka it is also commonly known as receiving blanket, swaddling is mainly done to keep baby wrapped up in a blanket to make the baby feel warm and cosy just like it felt while in mummy’s womb.

Most babies are known to stop their crying when they are swaddled and held close while wrapped in their blankets. It helps them feel warm and also safe.

Another benefit is that it helps babies sleep better when they wake up from their “startle reflex”. This is a reflex newborns have while they are asleep.

How do you swaddle a baby?

Surprisingly the best people to learn this from might be the hospital nurse, who wraps the baby after it is examined by the pediatrician and given to you.

Though it is not difficult and might look like baby is being crushed inside the blanket this will in no way harm baby.

It is however always important to make sure baby’s face is not covered by the blanket and there are no loose ends that can wander into baby’s face while being swaddled up.

Here are a few steps to follow for a simple method (there are many other methods you can use)

  1. Lay the blanket in a square shape position and fold the top corner just above babies head.Keep baby on this position with head above the fold.
  2. Pull the left side over baby and tuck it under from the back and also fold the bottom corner in
  3. Pull right side of the blanket under baby and tuck it behind baby’s back

swaddling baby and swaddle blanket

The best blankets for swaddling baby

While there are many baby blankets in the market, the softest material is known to be the muslin fabric. While there are many weaves and textures it is the most popular type of blanket worldwide due to its soft nature.

Muslin swaddle blankets also come in bamboo muslin, or pure cotton muslin fabric and are easy to wrap baby as well as to keep baby warm. It is also popular as baby will not overheat due to the way the fabric is made.

Special Notes

  • Swaddling is not recommended when baby can roll over
  • Do not use swaddling when baby sleeps with a sibling or another baby
  • Do not force it on the baby, some babies will not calm down even when swaddled
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