Know your muslin swaddle fabric

Know your muslin swaddle fabric

Muslin is a lose lightweight cotton material with a plain weave. Its texture and feel can be different depending on the weave, thread counts, dyes and so on.

What are the types of muslins you have?

At BabySpace we have introduced several types while keeping in mind that they are best for babies delicate skin;

1. Plain Muslin

This is the simplest form of fabric used mainly in swaddles, and some clothing items. We also use this in our baby bedding sets. It is 100% cotton.

2. Square Muslin

Similar to the plain muslin, this blanket fabric is soft but firm, and has a square pattern woven into the fabric. Some clothing items we have use this fabric without the pattern woven in. This is 100% cotton.

You will also see some nappies with square woven patterns but the density (weave,thickness) is different.

3. Bamboo mixed muslin

This fabric has 70% bamboo and 30% cotton and is very soft and the most delicate of the swaddles. Bamboo muslins are used mostly in swaddles and some nappies with differen texures. 

4. Cotton Gauze muslin

Sometimes reffered to as "bandage fabric" in the markets, it is used in nappies and also towels. Most often the gauze is layered before sewing to give added texture and absorption. They are much softer than the terry cotton towels commonly used.

5. High Density Cotton Gauze

Heavier and more thicker than the normal cotton gauze muslin, this is most suitable as a warm blanket. Some might use it as a spread for the cot however is most suitable for warmth or as a towel as baby gets bigger.

**It has the same amount of gauze as the normal size blanket/towel but is heavier due to the way the fabric is woven.


What is the most soft muslin?

The bamboo mixed and 100% bamboo muslins are the most delicate of the muslin fabrics.

Which blanket do you recommend I buy?

While all fabrics are soft, breathable and conforable it would depend on your preferrance. Most cumstomers buy a mix of types, and are likely to use it according to their prefference.

Can your blankets be used as recieving blankets?

Yes they are ideal for swaddling and receiving.
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